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Wednesday, 06 May 2009 20:05

wolverineposterMovie lovers have been clamoring for months now to get their claws into the latest installment of the X-Men franchise. In fact, an unfinished copy leaked to the internet has done more to increase the hype than it has to satiate the salivating fans of both Wolverine and the charismatic actor playing him. Hugh Jackman voiced his disappointment over the piracy stating that the workprint was like a “Ferrari without a paint job”. But does this Ferrari perform now that the glossy finish has been applied?

Fanboys beware: the origins of Logan, aka Wolverine, have always been a little mysterious but if you are looking for faithful comic adaptation you won’t get it here. Having not read the comics, I’m not qualified to give you an educated comparison. In the movie, Logan is the son of a wealthy Canadian plantation owner who is killed by a man claiming to be his biological father. Overcome with rage and grief, Logan’s powers surface and claw-like bones shoot through his hands. He takes his revenge and flees into the forest followed by the boy he now knows is his brother. Victor, aka Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber), is wild and full hatred tempered only by a brotherly code of conduct. But over the years Sabretooth’s bloodlust gets the better of him, turning the brothers into enemies.

wolverinepic2Logan chooses to live a quiet life in the Canadian Rockies, settling down with his girlfriend and working as a logger. But his previous involvement in a secretive government project will not allow him the peace he desires and he is once again forced to seek vengeance. Painful experimentation by his own enemies makes him practically indestructible when a metal called adamantium is fused to his skeleton.

wolverinepic1The film starts out strong, but the flaws take their toll and it doesn’t heal as quickly as its’ impervious hero. The effect is a weak story toward the middle that practically limps its way to the end credits. A canned tale of good vs. evil leaves something to be desired, especially when compared with the creativity displayed in the first X-Men film.

But there are a few good reasons to see this movie, even if you don’t count yourself a fan. The opening credits blew me away, brilliantly transitioning through decades of war as Logan and Victor battle side by side. The Watchmen’s title credits, depicting the hey-day of superheroes, had the same effect on me. The title credits alone are worth the price of admission. Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber both put in really strong performances. Jackman plays this character perfectly and makes it look easy for an actor to go from a tie and tails as Oscar host to animalistic mountain man.

wolverine3Plenty of comic cameos grace the screen, introducing us to some characters fans will be excited to see. Standouts were Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Reynolds’ wiry, muscular physique is quite intimidating, especially once mutant experimentation leaves him with a stony gaze and his mouth permanently fused shut.

I think Wolverine is taking a harsher beating than it deserves. It has a lot of hype and pressure to live up to, but in the end it is an entertaining action movie with some great special effects. More focus on the story and script would have helped.