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Growing Op a Huge Success
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Sunday, 15 March 2009 09:10

Growing Op PosterGrowing Op was a huge success, playing to sold out crowds at Empire Theatres Trinity Drive location in Moncton.

Not only did Monctonians get to check out a great movie, they were also treated to seeing familiar locales splashed up on the big screen! It wasn't hard to recognize several area schools, suburban neighborhoods and especially the city skyline as being shot in our own backyards.

Growing Op is a poignant coming of age comedy about a sheltered, home-schooled teenager named Quinn Dawson. His parents operate a marijuana grow-op out of their suburban home, but all he wants is a normal life. Escaping his parent’s private jungle becomes even more tempting when he falls for Crystal, the new girl next door. In order to get closer to her and rebel against his parents Quinn enrolls in public high school and takes on a more wholesome identity. Instead he finds himself involved in deception and realizing that perhaps his freethinking family doesn’t have it so wrong after all.

Nova Scotia native, director Michael Melski was in attendance and seemed to really be enjoying the audiences reaction to his film. Afterward he generously answered the questions of audience members, some of whom are looking to break into showbiz as well. The curiousity of the crowd covered just about everything. Questions ranged from how songs were chosen for the soundtrack to what it's like making a movie on a shoestring budget. Melski had plenty of his own quirky stories to add as well, talking about life on the set and the triumphs and challenges of filmmaking.

Though he is grateful for the support Growing Op has received, Melski says he hopes to be able to offer the film to a broader audience in the near future. Though it is currently available on DVD in Canada, he wishes it had had a wider release and feels it would do well with a release in the US. I couldn't agree more. The movie exceeded my expectations, having the right combination of a well written script, great acting and obviously high production standards. I think Growing Op would appeal to just about anyone.

Here's hoping we'll see more of Michael Melski in the near future, and also to having more opportunities like this one for audiences here in Moncton.

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