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Bride Wars
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 15 January 2009 00:00

ThumbnailThere is no force on this earth, be it typhoon, twister or earthquake, quite as scary and destructive as that of the “bride-to-be”. What once would have been described as a “sensible girl” becomes something out of a horror story – a villainess with a lust for diamond jewelry, cast iron pot sets and frilly gowns with a cost equivalent to a mortgage down payment. They may also develop a sly fondness for being the centre of the universe and for forcing those they once called “friends” into hideous dresses with the sole purpose of making themselves appear more beautiful. Nothing will change a girl as much as being a bride. And once that wedding is over, then what? Life goes back to normal, reality sets in once again and the bills start to pour in.

In Bride Wars Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play two best friends who have dreamed about their wedding days all their lives. Liv (Hudson) is a successful and spoiled attorney who practically forces her fiancée into a proposal. Emma (Hatheway) is an unassuming teacher who has trouble standing up for her self. When both girls become engaged at once, they think life can’t be more perfect – until their weddings are scheduled at the same place and time. From there it is a claws-bared catfight to have the biggest, best wedding and sabotage the competition.

The two actresses are the obvious draw. Just seeing their two radiant faces beaming out from the movie poster will be enough to empty the wallets of chick-flick connoisseurs all over North America. Throw in a couple of wedding dresses and THERE’S a combination generating enough dollar signs to pay for a million open-bar receptions! But, despite the charms of Hudson and Hatheway this movie is lacking in warmth, wit and humor.

The grooms (Chris Pratt and Steve Howey) are handsome and virtually nonexistent, because everyone knows the groom isn’t important. Sense my sarcasm. It would have been nice to see these men fleshed out a little and reacting to the changes taking place in the women they love. Instead they are little more than cake ornaments, standing stolidly beside their brides. As for the rest of the supporting cast, well even Candice Bergen falls flat as the overbearing wedding planner. The once adorable Kristen Johnson (Third Rock from the Sun’s Sally) is downright painful to watch as a trash talking maid of honor.

ThumbnailBride Wars bears a message of “love, honor and just pay” – because no matter how extravagant your wedding it will never be enough. At least the girls learn one lesson in the end – that sometimes it’s the relationships that count.

To those of you who are newly engaged, planning weddings, let this be a warning. Do not put too much importance upon that one day in your life. Yes, it is an exciting time, but the perfection of one day does not result in the perfection of your entire married life. Put the focus on your relationship, the money and effort into building your life together and you will end up with happiness for a lifetime instead of 24 hours. This movie won’t even put a smile on your face for two hours.