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Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Thursday, 01 May 2008 16:09

Thumbnail If I had a dollar for every Judd Apatow reference I’ve made in the past year or so, I’d have… well, I’d have about ten-bucks. I guess that doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering I write about fifty-two articles a year and at least ten of those contain a nod to Apatow… well, you do the math.

It seems that no matter what hat he wears, writer, producer or director; any project he touches turns to comic gold.

  So why is this guy the Midas touch in modern comedy? In my opinion it’s his deft mixing of low-brow farce with genuine human emotion. He takes the time to establish well-rounded characters you care about despite their many, many flaws. And that is exactly what happens in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the Apatow (there’s that word again) produced comedy that is over the top hilarious.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars Jason Segel who is probably best known from the TV show How I Met Your Mother where he plays a sweet and clueless nice-guy. Here he also plays a sweet and clueless nice-guy named Peter who’s a soundtrack composer on a hit TV show. He is madly in love with his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, who also happens to be the shows star. When she breaks up with him and breaks his heart he follows the usual bad advice and beds everything with two legs to get over her. Of course that doesn’t work, so he takes a trip to Hawaii and happens to check into the same hotel Sarah is staying at with her new rock-star boyfriend.

Lucky for Peter the stunningly beautiful hotel clerk Rachel (Mila Kunis of That 70’s Show) understands how he feels and does what she can to help cheer him up. Gradually he starts to see the possibilities of another meaningful relationship, if he can just get his ex off of his mind.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of the funniest movies so far this year. It’s clever and witty, and yes, raunchy enough to appeal to the lowest common denominator (of which I am occasionally a proud member). It uses the same combination of sweet and saucy that made Knocked Up such a success. Of course there are also some nice supporting roles filled by the Apatow regulars such as Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill (Superbad). 30 Rock fans will recognize the face of Jack McBrayer as a religious honeymooning newlywed who can’t find God in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

ThumbnailThis movie has a lot of inspired comedic moments that stand on their own, even out of context. Clips and segments of Sarah’s TV show (with a great cameo by Alec Baldwin!); a ridiculous music video; a Dracula musical featuring puppets; and yes, full frontal male nudity (move over Viggo Mortensen!)… It sounds crazy but trust me, it’s all laugh-out-loud material. And don’t forget to stay in your seats for a special “preview” during the credits.

Once again Judd Apatow has brought us a movie that might be outlandish, but also has something we can all relate to. The situations are over the top, but with realistic emotions and characters this comedy far more effective than most. I’m sure there will come a time when I’ll be disappointed by a dud from Judd, but until then I’ll keep the Apatow references coming. I wonder how many more dollars I could earn by the end of this year?

I give Forgetting Sarah Marshall 9 out of 10 stars.

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