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Top 10 of 2008
Thursday, 25 December 2008 00:00

Well, 2008 is on its way out making way for another year, and another 52 weeks of movie going and movie reviews! Looking back on 2008 in film seems a little anti-climactic and I’ll tell you I actually had a hard time deciding on a worthy Top Ten this year! But though the years films might have been more forgettable than fabulous, there are still a few worth mentioning. Here is a list of the Top Ten movies I saw in 2008, some I raved in past reviews and some I wish I had gotten to write about.

An instant modern-day classic that shot Nova Scotia native Ellen Page to the top of the “Most Talked-About” list. This movie has it all - a sharp, highly quotable script, instantly classic soundtrack, memorable characters and great performances.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The past few years have seen some great comedy, and to me this is easily the best comedy of 2008. Yet again that infamous Apatow blend of sassy and sweet, and a great cast to pull it all together. Who can forget Jason Segal crying like a baby in the buck? Loved it!

Tropic Thunder
Odd choice I know… but one I stand behind. This movie had its flaws but was one of the most original mainstream movies of the year. Kudos to all-star cast, which included Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. for taking a chance. It definitely paid off.

ThumbnailThere Will Be Blood
A slow, quietly powerful movie, There Will Be Blood was packed with hard to forget performances. Daniel Day Lewis once again checked his own personality at the door and embodied his character, a hardened oil prospector with little love for anything but success.

The Dark Knight

Wins the title of “Most Anticipated” film this year, and definitely had tongues wagging. Media had a field day hyping Heath Leger’s final performance and surprisingly the film lived up to almost every expectation. Leger’s portrayal of The Joker was iconic, bringing the Batman cred up another notch.

ThumbnailHellboy 2
This one really surprised me! Having not been a fan of the first installment I really wouldn’t have expected to be including this sequel on my list of favorites. But director Guillermo Del Toro once again outdid himself and this is probably the most visually incredible film I’ve seen this year. Set and character design is absolutely beautiful.

Iron Man
Rounding out a total of three superhero movies making my list this year is Iron Man. Everything about this movie was done right, making it a great film not only for comic fans but for pretty much anyone! Robert Downey Jr. has had a stellar year and I can’t wait to see more of him in 2009.

ThumbnailBurn After Reading
Viewed by many as the Cohen Brothers’ return to form. This movie never had a dull moment, or a dull character – whether it was a philandering George Clooney, Brad Pitt getting pumped up, or Frances McDormand obsessing over fine lines. Dark comedy at its finest.

The Duchess
Kiera Knightley has never impressed me much with her acting ability but boy, does she prove herself in this film! She easily gives one of the best performances of the year as the controversial Duchess of Devonshire. Incredible costume drama beautifully told and acted by everyone, especially Knightley and Ralph Feinnes. Do not miss this film.

Mamma Mia
I don’t think I even gave Mamma Mia the best review, but it deserves a nod for being the “Most Fun” film of the year. The sheer ridiculousness of Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan writhing around on the big screen trying to carry a tune was pure spectacle. I know I should be ashamed, but I’m just sorry I missed the “Sing Along” version!

Here’s hoping for more great entertainment at the movies in 2008!

These are some of the movies I wish I had seen in 2008… perhaps I include them on my list of New Year’s resolutions!

1. The Reader
2. Vicky Christina Barcelona
3. Young People F-ing
4. Rachel Getting Married
5. The Foot Fist Way
6. Changeling
7. Son of Rambow
8. The Last Mistress
9. Funny Games
10. Choke