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Quantum of Solace
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Friday, 21 November 2008 14:59

ThumbnailAs a follow up to the stellar Bond resurgence that was Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace fulfills its duty to continue the tale but does so without as much enthusiasm. Missing is the raw sensuality and complexity of character delivered in the first although Daniel Craig still shines as one of the best Bond’s ever.

It’s interesting that the story picks up only hours after the first one left off, with our snappily dressed hero still very much hurt and abused after the betrayal and then death of Vesper Lynd, the only woman he truly loved. His emotions running high he tries to keep the next mission from being revenge driven. James and ‘M’ interrogate the man who blackmailed Vesper into her betrayal and discover that there is a secret organization called Quantum that is far more powerful than they would have thought possible.

With a couple of new Bond girls in tow - most notably Camille (Olga Kurylenko), a feisty woman set on a revenge plot of her own – 007 manages to gain access to the organizations’ top ringleaders.

It’s all politics from there and the plot gets a little confusing… especially since I managed to fall asleep somewhere near 1:30am of the midnight showing. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the film. I did! At least the parts I was not drooling away on my boyfriends shoulder! But fear not, I only missed a few minutes here and there so it shouldn’t have much affect on my review… Besides, you should always take a critic with a grain of salt anyway. You never know when they’ve been snoring in their popcorn.

I will say that although I still enjoyed the action, the intrigue, and, let’s face it, Daniel Craig’s stellar abs – I didn’t find this installment had the charm and interest of Casino Royale. It lacked the variety and pacing of its predecessor, not to mention that sizzling sensuality that practically oozed off the screen and had everyone talking. This film is a bit more typical in its pacing as an action film, full of chases and explosions. There is also a complete lack of the gadgetry that makes Bond “Bond”… it seems that the agency isn’t doing their job by way of cutting edge technology lately.

ThumbnailOnce again the performances of the cast are great, and Daniel Craig really has proved himself a force to be reckoned with. He has a brutishness that no other Bond has had before him, and he still manages to rock a tux. Relative newcomer Olga Kurylenko is certainly a beauty and does a decent job with her role, although I can’t help but see Camille as a stereotypical “feisty Latina”. But her own desire for revenge, and ultimately her vulnerability set her apart and create a sympathetic character. Gemma Arterton plays a more typical Bond girl with the likely name of Fields – Strawberry Fields. She is really nothing more than a pawn that doesn’t outlive her usefulness, but she is a beautiful pawn nonetheless. She gives Bond the, ahem, desire to come out of mourning. Of course Judi Dench is wonderful as always, giving the all powerful ‘M’ a softer side.

Overall, Quantum of Solace is a decent effort and a valuable contribution to the Bond franchise, but certainly not the equal to Casino Royale.