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Sex and the City
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Thursday, 05 June 2008 06:14

ThumbnailI’m a girl with better things to worry about than whether her Manolo Blahnik shoes set the proper tone for her Vivian Westwood gown. I’d more likely be the girl on the Reitman’s commercial… and I don’t even like those commercials. But whether you’re a fashionista or a fashion-not-sa, it was easy to appreciate the women of Sex and the City during their long television reign.

The series was groundbreaking, clever, and smart and addressed a lot of faux pas that had never been examined on television before. Take for example when Charlotte walks in on her husband in the bathroom with a busty bimbos magazine. Or when Miranda’s old-fashioned maid opens the nightstand drawer – everyone knows you don’t look in someone’s nightstand drawer!!! They were the sassy subjects no one had ever talked about on TV, and these four ladies wouldn’t shut up about it for 6 fabulous seasons. The long anticipated return of Sex and the City to the big screen has become one of the most talked about movies of the season.

Is it worth the hype? Well, yes and no. While the movie is a lot of fun and as clever as the show, it isn’t always easy to translate what was once a 40-minute episode into a 2-hour feature. And they went one further by making the movie nearly 2 1/2 hours, which felt like overkill to me. We could have done with one less fashion show thank you very much. There was enough product-placement without showcasing it on a runway.

ThumbnailAnother downside was the assistant character played by Jennifer Hudson. She plays “Louise from St. Louis” and is just as annoying and unnecessary as her name. She’s not wealthy, but rents designer bags because they mean so much to her. Can you say “high-maintenance”? Also, she practically worships a tacky “LOVE” keychain and came to New York for the sole purpose of finding a man. I hope the poor guy realizes half his income will go toward purse rentals.

On the plus side, there is some sidesplitting (or should I say pants-soiling) laughter, and a lot of really sweet moments. Carrie and Big still have chemistry; Samantha is still a cougar; Miranda is still neurotic and well, Charlotte is still Charlotte. Let’s face it; every girl wants her happily-ever-after, and if it took 4 years and a movie deal to make it happen, I’m glad I could be there to see it… even if I was wearing cheap shoes.