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What Happens In Vegas
Thursday, 22 May 2008 00:00

ThumbnailI’m calling it our Vegas weekend, having seen What Happens in Vegas and played Blackjack at the Halifax Casino in two consecutive nights. I didn’t win big in either case, but I don’t feel ripped off either. I like to imagine that if this movie was out getting liquored and betting its paycheck on nickel-slots it would neither hit the jackpot nor bottom out but would pretty much break even.

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz play a couple of people down on their luck. Jack just got fired by his own father for consistently slacking off at work, and Joy was dumped by her snooty fiancé for not living up to his high expectations. Both take off with their best friends to the notorious Sin City for a worry free weekend. Did I mention they are complete strangers? Well not for long since a room mix-up paired with a night of debauchery is about to get them very well acquainted. The next morning they realize they’ve made a huge mistake and tied the knot in a Vegas chapel. She’s got the big gold dice ring to prove it!

The two agree to get the marriage annulled and go their separate ways, but not before winning three-million dollars at a slot machine. All of a sudden that wedding ring is worth a whole lot more money if it stays on. They have to prove they are working on their marriage for six months before the judge will award either of them the money or a divorce, but until then it’s an all out battle to get the upper hand. You can probably guess what happens next.

What Happens In Vegas is not really a gamble since it’s extremely predictable. If you’re buying a ticket, chances are you already know what you’re in for. My fear was that the preview showed all the funny parts and for the first half of the film I was right, but there are enough solidly silly moments to keep the chuckles coming throughout. Thumbnail

Kutcher and Diaz are just  so darned appealing and they both have good comedic timing, making the most of what they are given. Rob Corddry and Lake Bell play the stars’ best friends and steal scenes with their hate-filled sexual tension. Now that relationship would have made a more interesting film!

I kind of feel that Ashton Kutcher is one of those untapped talents who has been typecast into this sort of role. He’s proven he’s got acting chops in movies like The Butterfly Effect, but his overgrown kid persona has shadowed his career and limited him. Hopefully his film choices will begin to mature along with his boyish good looks because I’d really like to see him have a lasting career.

What Happens In Vegas provides just what you are looking for if your criteria is a night of mindless romantic-comedy fun, but it’s definitely not on par with Forgetting Sarah Marshall.