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Run Fatboy Run
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 02 April 2008 13:34


ThumbnailRun Fatboy Run features an out of shape everyman who sets the tone for his lackluster life when he runs away from his own wedding. Unfortunately, the lackluster audience turnout is setting the tone for the life of the film as well. This comedy doesn’t look like it’s set for a marathon run at the theatres, but is likeable enough to recommend a viewing once it fast tracks it’s way to DVD.

There is something inherently charming to me about Simon Pegg. The scruffy, ruddy-complected Brit is exactly the opposite of what you would expect a movie star leading man to look like. But the hilarious creative brain behind comedy gems Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz has something that I greatly admire in any man – he sure can make me laugh! And he’s really the reason Run Fatboy Run is worth watching. He is the “soul” to this sneaker.

Pegg plays Dennis, a man whose life seems to be at a standstill since he left his beautiful, and very pregnant, girlfriend (Thandie Newton) standing at the altar. His case of cold feet ended up ruining his life, since he realized that he is still very much in love with the mother of his son. She seems to have moved on though and is dating a wealthy American named Whit who is played by the exceptionally buff Hank Azaria. Azaria is so unassuming when fully clothed that it always surprises me to see him show off his very polished physique in his birthday suit! Dennis gets an eyeful as well when Whit coerces him into joining him at the gym in a thinly disguised effort to flaunt his status as the alpha male.Thumbnail

Up until now Dennis’s only exercise regime has been running after the drag-queen to steals lingerie from the shop he works at as a security guard. But being compared to Whit is the final straw. He’s tired of feeling second rate, and sick of his life going nowhere. And now he’s really tired of being called “fat boy”. So in a last ditch effort to win back the heart of his true love he signs up for a 26-mile marathon to prove that he can follow something through, and that he is finally running in the right direction.

This is the feature-film directorial debut of David Schwimmer, who most of you will know as Ross from Friends. Oddly, I noticed one of the actors in the film, Dylan Moran who plays the best friend, bears a striking resemblance to Schwimmer. This makes me wonder if he was picturing himself in the role but just wasn’t British enough. Maybe he didn’t want to spread himself too thin. Either way, he doesn’t do anything exceptional with the directing of the film, but it’s not terrible either. A vast improvement would have been to cut it a bit shorter in the editing room.  I’ll be curious to see where else his career takes him now that he’s behind the camera.

All in all, Run Fatboy Run is a good-natured, enjoyable film that entertains and does what it’s meant to do. A feel good story, some laugh-out-loud dialogue and the unforgettable (or is that unforgiveable?) sight of Simon Pegg stretching in tiny shorts make it worth a couple of hours viewing time.

I give it 6 out of 10.