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Top 10 Movies of 2007
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 00:00
As the year draws to a close it’s a good time to look back at all the great things to come out of 2007. It’s been an exciting year for me personally, although I guess every year in a life likes to boast its importance before taking a final bow. A lot has changed but I’m happy to say my weekly review has remained a constant. Fifty-two weeks of movie-going makes for a lot of memories, so here’s a replay of some of the favorites I in 2007.

Children of Men – A gritty and bleak portrayal of a near future in which the human race is no longer capable of reproduction. The cinematography definitely provided the “Wow” factor while Clive Owen proved he has what it takes to be both leading man and action hero.

Hot Fuzz – A British spoof of the Hollywood Buddy Cop genre that had a hilarious script and a cast to match. The team that penned and directed Shaun of the Dead proved that they aren’t a one-trick-pony, and Timothy Dalton was perhaps the most memorable villain of the year as the moustache-twirling green grocer.

3:10 to Yuma – This tightly wound Western featured some of the best performances of the year, delivered by Russell Crowe and Christian Bale as a roguish outlaw and the honest farmer sworn to bring him to justice. The two played beautifully opposite one-another as very different men who build a mutual respect.

Knocked Up – It’s rare that I would find not one but two comedies worthy of top honors, but 2007 proved the exception to the rule. Writer/director Judd Apatow delivered another kicking and screaming dose of hilarity into the world. Although this movie had its gross-out moments was also surprisingly thoughtful and featured a truly great performance by Katherine Heigl.

28 Weeks Later – Creepy doesn’t begin to describe the rampant terror expertly portrayed in this follow-up to 2002’s breakout hit 28 Days Later. A sequel that is even scarier and cooler than the original is hard to come by! The terrifying opening chase scene is one of the most memorable movie moments of the year.

Eastern Promises – A quietly disturbing look at the inner workings of a Russian mob family and the corruption brought by power. It drew comparisons to The Godfather and is certainly one of David Cronenburg’s best films. And who wouldn’t love an entirely nude fight scene starring Viggo Mortensen? Seriously though, the power of that scene was incredible and must have been exceptionally difficult to do.

Pan’s Labyrinth – This darkly beautiful Mexican gem told the story of a young girl coping with the harsh reality of civil war by entering a fantasy world inhabited by strange creatures. I loved the way this movie told both parts of this story with equal vigor and truly made me care about the characters. Great set and creature design.

No Country for Old Men – Although the ending left a little to be desired, the rest of the film was engaging enough to be forgiven for its plot holes. Tommy Lee Jones doesn’t say much, but there’s a lot going on behind those eyes. A new Oscar category should be created just for Javier Bardem entitled “Worst Haircut on a Supporting Actor”.    

300 – Although it didn’t have much going for it by way of script, the stunning visuals alone are almost enough to push this one into the top 10. Add to that just how much fun it was watching Gerard Butler strut around in tiny leather underwear and we have a winner. Truly though, on artistic merit alone this one is worthy of the attention.

Enchanted – I have to admit, this magical pairing of animated and real life fairy tale really worked its magic on me! Amy Adams was the perfect choice as a cartoon princess plunked down in real life New York. This movie could have tanked, but perfect casting and a genuinely funny script hit just the right notes. This movie is probably the best thing to come from Disney in years.

Here’s hoping for more great entertainment at the movies in 2008!

These are some of the movies I wish I had seen in 2007… perhaps they will make my list of New Year’s resolutions!

1. Atonement
2. Gone Baby Gone
3. Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
4. Rocket Science
5. Juno
6. Wind that Shakes the Barley
7. Sunshine
8. Margot at the Wedding
9. Mr. Brooks
10. Becoming Jane