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The Simpsons Movie
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Tuesday, 31 July 2007 00:00
Getting its start an unbelievable 17 years ago, The Simpsons has been one of the greatest pop culture phenomena our generation has had to offer. The series, especially during the early years, is worthy of capture in a time capsule and arguably responsible for changing the face of television as much as The Beetles changed the face of music. Ever since it started rumors have flown about a feature length production, and at last what fans have been waiting for is here. The Simpsons Movie hit theatres last weekend, but has it been worth the very long wait? Surprisingly, I really think it has!

The previews have done a great job not giving too much away, while definitely upping the hype and making us laugh. You just can’t top that “Spider-Pig” clip! But let’s face it; the last few seasons on television haven’t exactly been up to snuff. In fact I know several once die-hard fans that have simply stopped watching – not because the episodes aren’t good, but because they aren’t as good as they were.

I was skeptical that the writers could stretch twenty-minute’s of TV laughs into an hour-and-a-half on the big screen that would hold my attention. But they did exactly that! In fact the movie is brilliantly written and hilarious at every turn. Just like the episodes it is full of wit and pushes the envelope with satire of current events. And also like the episodes you don’t want to blink for fear you’ll miss one of the many sight gags. They are everywhere and had my eyes all over the screen reading and examining everything I could take in.

The plot really is too ridiculous to sum up, except that an environmental disaster (which may or may not have been caused by a certain donut munching dad) puts Springfield on the map as the most polluted town in the world. A witless President Schwarzenegger (“I vos born to lead, not to read”) tries to cover up the mess but of course makes matters worse, forcing Homer and the clan to rescue their hometown from certain destruction.

Along the way, the theme of family is prevalent. Lisa falls in love with an Irish cutey, while her mother gives sage advice. Bart and Homer continue to resent and maim one another, but you know at the end of the day everything will work out. Poor Maggie is in for years of counseling as she looks on with disdain. Stay tuned through the credits for a special word from Maggie.

Even though they work in dozens of memorable characters I couldn’t help a small amount of disappointment that some of my favorites were put on the back burner. The wonderfully Scroogey Monty Burns and sidekick Smithers were hardly in the film at all. But Mr. Burns does leave us with a memorable line as he cries out “So! For once the rich white man is in control!”

I have to say that other than the constantly entertaining Homer, the true star of the show is a pet pig he rescues. A somewhat disturbing relationship ensues as Homer dresses it up, does it’s hair, walks it across the ceiling, and builds a giant silo for its droppings. The culmination of this strange love affair is when Homer turns to the pig and says: “Maybe we should kiss to break the tension…” Absolutely great stuff!

The Simpsons Movie won’t disappoint fans of the series, and it may even bring back a few followers who have strayed. Despite the not-so-subtle message during the opening credits you are NOT a sap for paying to see this movie!

I give The Simpsons Movie 8 out of 10 stars.