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Ocean's 13
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Friday, 15 June 2007 00:00
It is a well-known, sick twist of nature that as many men get older they also become more and more attractive. The cast of Ocean’s 13 is no exception to this rule, especially when decked out in their tailored designer suits. Luckily the eye candy isn’t the only reason to check out this latest installment of the Ocean’s movies.

Although I missed Ocean’s 12 (and from what I’ve heard I didn’t miss much) this one apparently picks up shortly after it left off. Danny (George Clooney) and the boys get together to help out their old pal Reuben (Elliott Gould). It seems he was double crossed by his business partner, a crooked casino tycoon named Willy Banks (Al Pacino). With opening night of Banks’ spectacular new casino fast approaching, the boys are out for revenge. The mission: to make sure everything that can go wrong does.

Because the prime motive for the Ocean’s gang is sabotage this movie is a lot of fun to watch! They aren’t really out to gain anything for themselves, so basically anything goes when it comes to ruining the evening. It’s like watching one big extravagant April Fools prank after another. George Clooney must have had a blast on this one since he is known for being the ultimate prankster in real life.

Of course it’s filmed with the same retro style and flair we came to appreciate in the first film. Plenty of split screen action and clean, concise editing make this a very stylish looking film. Everything in the frame looks cool all the time. Luckily, despite the polished façade, the cast does a good job of making everything seem perfectly natural. Clooney and his sidekick Brad Pitt banter back and forth about the trials of married life to absent wives. One of the most obvious differences about this third film is the lack of on-screen romance since neither Julia Roberts nor Catherine Zeta-Jones put in an appearance.

It may sound silly, but with movies of this nature I often get lost in convoluted stories where all of the characters look the same. I think my favorite thing about Ocean’s 11 was how easy the story was to follow. For me what made it work was the diversity of its cast and the unique way it used dialogue to narrate what was happening on screen. For instance Danny Ocean might be describing a plan to his buddies while we simultaneously watch it taking place. Ocean’s 13 followed in the same line, which helped keep me interested throughout the film. It’s also a nice way to save time developing a plot.

Overall I think that Ocean’s 13 is one of the few successful threequels of the summer. It may not be all that memorable, but it’s fun and it certainly had me entertained.  Ocean’s 13 is a cool, laid-back way to spend a hot summer evening. I give it 7 out of 10 stars.