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Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Wednesday, 21 March 2007 00:00
Did I really expect Premonition to be more than a Hollywood hack-job filled with plot holes the size of the Bermuda Triangle? No, not really. In fact, I had an odd sense of déjà vu while watching the film. Where had I seen this before? Oh yeah, in a 30-second commercial spot that gave away everything accept the big letdown of an ending. And just wait a minute; is it possible to be let down by an ending when you were never built up in the first place?

Sandra Bullock does another dramatic turn as Linda, a wife and mother with a seemingly perfect life. Her handsome hubby Jim (Julian McMahon) is a doting father and good provider, and her two daughters are little angels - a sure sign that something is amiss! One day she opens the door to a police officer who rather bluntly informs her that her husband has died in a gruesome car accident the day before. He doesn’t even have her sit down first, one of the first major flaws with this movie. The devil’s in the details as they say.

This ridiculous scene actually leads to the only powerful moment in the film as she turns back into the house in a stupor and tries to go about her day without completely breaking down. It is amazing how people try to find comfort in the most menial tasks when the world comes crashing down. I found this hard to watch in the same way I can’t watch a fish gasping for breath out of water; the expression of shock and disbelief is too much. But her grief is short lived since she wakes up the next day to find her hubby happily gulping down coffee in the kitchen the next morning.

She can hardly believe it could have all been a dream. But no such luck. It seems that Linda is living the days of her week out of order, but which version is the reality? Has Jim already died, or is there time to save him?  Perhaps a better question is whether or not she wants to save him when she finds out that (surprise!) he is probably having an affair with a trampy blond co-worker.

Sandra Bullock sometimes surprises us and proves that she is more than just queen of the romantic comedy. Her performance in Crash was small but powerful. She does what she can with this role, but her character here is truly dull and so is the story, which has absolutely no surprises and deteriorates into a boring bit of formulaic nonsense. My patience completely ran out in a scene where she visits a priest who has conveniently done research on the exact phenomenon she describes to him. He sends her on her way with a pat on the shoulder and a reproachful remark about her lack of faith. This spiritual message felt tacked on and truly out of place.

Perhaps our lead actress is doomed to repeat her mistakes, since her last big release The Lake House was also a dud. Seems odd that both films deal with time travel. Now if only I could go back a few days and reclaim the hours I spent watching them…

I give Premonition 4 out of 10 stars.