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2007 Oscar Nominees
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Monday, 12 February 2007 00:00
As Oscar night draws nearer, the theatres are full of people flocking to see as many of the nominated films as possible before the big night. The Oscars are deemed by many as Hollywood patting its’ own back, but it’s hard not to get caught up in all the glitz and glory the event has to offer. From the red carpet dresses to the lengthy, boring speeches to the controversial question “Swag bag or no swag bag?” So sit back, relax and go comatose in front of your television for three hours. These are my Oscar picks, the ones that probably will take the cake and the ones that I think deserve to.

Actor in a Leading Role
Leo will win it for Blood Diamond, but I’m surprised not to see his name on the list for The Departed as well. Will Smith might take the prize based on his popularity, only I don’t feel his role was as challenging as some of the others in the category. In my mind, Forest Whitaker deserves a win for The Last King of Scotland.

Actor in a Supporting Role
This one is anyone’s game. I suspect a popularity vote may go to Eddie Murphy, but since I can’t stand the guy I’m hoping I’m wrong. Mark Wahlberg turned in a nice performance in The Departed, and I feel that movie should not be overlooked entirely.

Actress in a Leading Role
Great nominees, but Meryl Streep is a surprise for The Devil Wears Prada. Usually drama dominates this category. I’m betting on Helen Mirren for her wonderful portrayal in The Queen.

Actress in a Supporting Role
I haven’t seen most of the nominations for this category, but all the buzz points toward Jennifer Hudson for Dreamgirls. Hollywood likes a good Cinderella story and Hudson’s sudden rise to fame is all the rage in the entertainment rags.

Animated Feature Film
None of the nominees in this category really jump out at me. Unfortunately the last few years haven’t been good for animation fans. Monster House was enjoyable, but I doubt this melancholy haunted house story will win. My bet is on the penguins of Happy Feet.

This might go to Clint Eastwood for Letters From Iwo Jima, which is a companion piece that stole the spotlight from Flags of Our Fathers. Usually this category goes hand in hand with Best Picture, but I think this year might be an exception.

Foreign Language Film
Oh, this is a tough one with so many very strong contenders. A toss up between Water and Pan’s Labyrinth, but I think Water may bring home a win for Canada.

Best Picture
I liked the understated Little Miss Sunshine and The Queen from this category, but if the Golden Globes prove reliable then Babel will probably take the cake.

So grab your popcorn, put on that prom dress or tux and drink enough caffeine to keep you awake for the Oscars live on Sunday, February 25th.