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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Friday, 13 October 2006 21:31

When the Trailer Park Boys stormed their way into Canadian homes everywhere in 2001, the television series seemed too trendy not to run out of steam. The Boys were everywhere, from t-shirts to award shows. But five years later the Nova Scotia born phenomenon is still going strong, working on a seventh season and releasing Trailer Park Boys: The Movie to theatres across Canada.

Canada has been home to some of the best comedic groups ever formed including Bob and Doug MacKenzie (Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas), Kids in the Hall, SCTV, and Wayne and Shuster, just to name a few. Coincidentally, both Bob and Doug and Kids in the Hall were turned into feature films. There’s no doubt that, as Canadians, we should be proud of our comedic heritage. Now Maritimers can band together in support of our own contribution to Canada’s laugh track.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie takes all the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park and puts them on the big screen. Julian (Jean Paul Tremblay), the “mastermind” of the group, comes up with a plan to achieve his dream of “Freedom 35”. His latest scheme to get rich quick is to steal change because it’s untraceable and no one ever gets arrested for stealing change. His best friend Ricky (Robb Wells) is obsessed with the idea of “The Big Dirty”, a crime so profitable that he could settle down with his family and get back to his passion, growing marijuana. He thinks that stealing “little bits of change” is a waste of time. Then there’s Bubbles (Mike Smith) who seems to go along with their schemes just to make sure his buddies don’t get into too much trouble. He looks like the dimmest of the group, but actually he tends to have everything figured out well before the others.

The story is good and involves all the same elements you’ve come to know and love from the show; plenty of foul language, crude humor, and even some tender moments. I think that what makes these characters so memorable is that despite their place as the dregs of society, they have a certain nobility. For instance Ricky wants nothing more than to be a good father to his chain-smoking daughter Trinity, and to marry her stripper mom Lucy. It seems strange to compare The Trailer Park Boys with Charles Dickens but there you have it!

All of the popular characters from the show are in the movie, including the reformed alcoholic park manager Mr. Leahy and his longtime companion Randy the pot-bellied cheeseburger-addict (hilariously dubbed “The Hamburgler”). The pair is constantly trying to foil the criminal plans of the boys to have them evicted from the park. The idiot youths Corey and Trevor are always around to shoulder the blame. J-Roc (Jonathan Torrens) the ebonics spouting Eminem wannabe makes an appearance as well.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie can be viewed on its’ own, but I would recommend having seen at least a few episodes of the TV series beforehand (and who hasn’t?). It’s nice to know the characters up front. In true mockumentary style, the movie still looks like it was filmed with a handheld, and is inter-cut with clips of the characters talking into the camera and explaining their points of few.

I really enjoyed the movie and laughed out loud most of the way through it! Fans of the TV series won’t be disappointed, and hopefully the movie will tap a whole new market for our own Maritime brand of humor.

I give Trailer Park Boys: The Movie 7 out of 10 Stars.