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You, Me and Dupree
Written by Sandra Fitzpatrick   
Tuesday, 18 July 2006 20:24

Comedies are a tricky beast. It takes a lot of work to get one right, and when it all comes together it’s supposed to look effortless. In my mind Owen Wilson is the perfect example of effortless comedy. I mean here’s a guy with California blonde hair, pursed lips and sun-squinted eyes. Add to this his trademark drawl and several-times-broken nose and you get a combination that is somehow more scarecrow than surfer-dude. Whether you love him or hate him this comedian is pretty much unforgettable. Unfortunately his latest comedy You, Me and Dupree is anything but.

The movie starts out promising. Matt Dillon plays Carl, a guy who is about to marry the girl of his dreams in beautiful Hawaii. His new bride Molly (Kate Hudson) also happens to be the boss’ daughter and Carl gets the feeling that daddy isn’t too pleased about his little girl’s choice of husband. His best friend Dupree (Owen Wilson) is flying in to be the Best Man, but first he flies to the wrong island because “all the names sound the same”. After a raucous wedding the couple can’t wait to start their new lives at home, just the two of them. That is until Dupree shows up with no job, no money and nowhere else to go.

The movie doesn’t really have anywhere else to go either. It’s strange because I actually laughed quite a bit while I was watching the film, and now that a couple days have passed I can’t seem to remember much about it! The thing that stands out most is that Matt Dillon has a way with comedy that took me by surprise. He actually has the funniest scenes in the movie as a guy slowly being driven to the brink. His character is happy at home but completely unenthusiastic about his job, which he plans to leave as soon as possible. His new father-in-law not only sabotages his sub-division project but also suggests that he take his wife’s name get a vasectomy!

There is a definite lack of direction with this picture that makes it hard to sum up. For instance Dupree’s character is first established as an uncultured slouch, overflowing toilets and doing disgusting things with gym socks. Part way through though, his character does a 180 and becomes an athletic poet with remarkable culinary skills. In similar fashion Kate Hudson’s character goes from wanting Dupree gone to being his defender for no particular reason. I think if the lines had been more clearly drawn, the laughs would have come easier.

Michael Douglas has a quirky little role that allows him to be a complete jerk while maintaining a deceptively cool exterior. He and Matt Dillon have some good moments together, especially one scene in Douglas’ Zen office where no guest is allowed to feel comfortable. Kate Hudson is always likeable but doesn’t get much use in this movie. I normally love Owen Wilson but here I found that Dupree bred so much disaster he grated on my nerves.

All in all You, Me and Dupree isn’t a terrible movie and it has its moments of hilarity. But the end result is a mediocre mixture that is easy to forget. I give it 5 out of 10 Stars.