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The Incredibles
Tuesday, 23 November 2004 16:53

Pixar has done it again! From the creators of "Toy Story", "Monsters Inc.", and "Finding Nemo" comes the next installment in a string of hits! "The Incredibles".

Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is a square-jawed super-hero with superhuman strength. He loves his job and everything that comes along with it; the fame, the gratitude, the great costume. But things go wrong and Mr. Incredible is forced into hiding with his wife Elastigirl (Holly Hunter). They become the Parr family.

Reduced to battling boredom instead of fighting crime, Mr. Parr works as an insurance adjuster to support his family. A situation arises in which our hero is happy to don his disguise one more time. But when his wife and kids get dumped into the mix as well, they become a crime fighting family!

It was a smart move by Pixar to snap up director Brad Bird, who has a sharp eye for what makes intelligent animated films. Animation nuts like myself might remember his previous work on Warner Brothers' "The Iron Giant".

This movie flows against the current of other Pixar films, targeting an older, more sophisticated audience. It doesn't give me the warm-and-fuzzies like Monster's Inc. did, but it isn't trying to.

Full of clever dialogue and satire, "The Incredibles" is heavily influenced by popular culture. For example, there is one particularly great chase scene that Star Wars fans should recognize. Also, the main villain, Syndrome, is nothing more than an overzealous fan! Much like, hmm... shall we say a Trekkie?

There is plenty here to keep the kids occupied too! Lots of action and laughs. They should identify with the themes of the film such as "fitting in", and doing your best.

The technology used by Pixar is astounding. I remember watching Monsters Inc., thinking how real the fur and hair looked. Well, those minute details are now 10 times better! Although the characters are more stylized than realistic, the backgrounds sometimes look more like video footage than animation.

The film runs a little long, at just over 2 hours, but is packed with entertainment.
Overall, I rate this one as a must see for kids and adults alike!

Also recommended: "The Iron Giant", and "Monsters Inc.", both available on DVD.